It’s back to school for the Team Academy program

September 14th was the first day of the school year for our 47 teampreneurs (students of the Team Academy): 18 teampreneurs started in the first year, 17 moved on to the second year and 12 teampreneurs are in the third year.

As the realization of projects is a central element of the Team Academy’s pedagogical model, both teams worked on the realization of projects during the first weeks. Various projects ranging from events with “Wiil”, “Panier Montagnard” or “BeerPoint” to the realization of a business plan under mandate, and a waste collection service for private individuals.

These varied projects allow teampreneurs to develop the 21 skills targeted by the Team Academy program. Theoretical contributions will complement their practical learning through the reading of books and the intervention of teacher coaches during training sessions.

We wish our students every success in their studies and in the realization of their projects.