Business Team Academy: a bachelor's degree where the students take control.

Launched in 2017, the Business Team Academy offers a unique bachelor’s degree in Switzerland: based on the implementation of projects from the first day of training, the program includes the skills profile of a business economist over 3 years.

No more course schedules, no more teachers, but coaches who awaken and stimulate the potential of each student, or rather « teampreneur ». Learning in teams and through actions are at the heart of this pedagogical model that overturns all codes!

To meet today’s technological and societal challenges, this program puts people at the center and focuses on the « softskills » that are increasingly in demand on the labor market: critical thinking, creativity, cooperation and empathy.

Do you like to take initiative? Do you want to give meaning to your eduction? Then join the Business Team Academy, a unique way to acquire the 21 skills of a manager, leader or entrepreneur.

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Antoine Perruchoud

Head of Team Academy and Team Coach

Lionel Emery

Team Coach and Academic Associate

Jean-Charles Rey

Team Coach

Philippe Cavin

Team Coach

Alexandra Hugo